The Fitness Files – November

When I first started my blog, I gave you weekly updates on my health and fitness journey. I shared stats, my struggles, what I was most proud of – you get the gist. Lately, that’s fallen by the wayside and you can probably imagine it’s because my real-life fitness journey has been anything but stellar this year.

The Beachbody chronicles…

Back in April, I shared a little bit of an update with you. I joined Beachbody as a coach in January and did the Beachbody thing – jumping from program to program, seeing results and then falling off the wagon (side note: I hate that saying, but there it is). In September I decided that I had had enough. I had forgotten what it was like to work out for me instead of working out just to show people on social media. I used to love working out and eating healthy. But not, I was working out because if I didn’t I would be letting other people down who were counting on me – not because I was letting myself down.

So, I quit Beachbody. It took me a really long time to actually decide to quit. Was I quitting because I actually felt this way or was I using quitting as an escape outlet to say that this was too hard and not worth it? It was an internal battle that I struggled with for months before pulling the trigger.

But, I quit, and it was honestly the best decision for me. A few short weeks later I went into my local gym to inquire about personal training and came out with 86 sessions (enough to get me to our wedding celebration in May). My heart was pounding, I was crying and I was a ball of nerves. That’s a lot of money to invest in myself. Especially when I had struggled to stick with anything and see results for over a year.

But, I did it (the contract was signed, I literally had no choice). And it was the best decision I have made this year. I’ve been working out with Karlo now for 2 months. The first month, I won’t lie, was a bust in the kitchen. I wasn’t tracking and I definitely wasn’t eating my recommended macros every day. But, November was different (albeit ever so slightly).

November came…

I’ve tracked my food almost daily in November (including that trip to Five Guys that cost me 2,000 calories!) and have stayed somewhat consistent all month. Okay, fine, there was the election where I ate an entire bottle of wine and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s… and there was Thanksgiving where I was an emotional wreck for not being with my family that I took it out on a box of Ritz Bits. But we’re not going to focus on them, okay?

I stayed consistent and the fire in my stayed lit. That’s what matter’s to me right now.

My goal for November (and for the months leading up to our trip home to Ireland) was to lose 5 pounds. I stepped on the scale today feeling lighter, but I had missed that goal by a mere .8 pounds. Yes, I know what you’re saying – .8 pounds is nothing. But, to me, it’s everything. It’s the box of Ritz Bitz. It’s the bottle (or 3) of wine I consumed this month. It’s every bad choice I made, rolled into one.

December is here…

So, I’ve devised a plan for the month of December. The good old 80/20 rule – 80% of the time I will eat according to my goals (i.e. I will not go over 1,500 calories per day). The other 20% I am allowed to treat myself and enjoy life that little bit more. That’s 6 days. I can totally limit my cravings to 6 days this month, right?

That’s my plan and I’m confident it will help me lost 5 pounds this month (5.8 if I’m being greedy – I told you that pesky .8 was haunting me!). I have my first session with my trainer in a half hour and I’m pumped to get this month rolling (oh, have I mentioned I’m doing Vlogmas this year? Head on over to my Youtube channel if that’s your thing!).

If you want to keep up to date with my progress, my YouTube channel is probably the best place to do it this month! I’ve even roped Gary into joining the gym with me so we can both get into better shape this holiday season!

Anyways, that’s all for now. I’ll leave you with this month’s stats. Let’s rock December!

This month’s stats go a little something like this…

Weight: 192

Goal 1 (January 1, 2017): 186.2

Goal 2 (March 30, 2017): 175

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