• Life, Thoughts

    Back to Basics.

    *Warning* This post is incredibly rambly and I lose my train of thought more than a few times. I have a point, I swear. I’ve been logging in and out of WordPress now for what seems like forever. I’ve changed my blog layout more times…

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  • Health

    A Weight Loss Update

    It seems like I’m just full of updates these days, huh? It’s part of my neverending struggle to fall back in love with blogging. Writers block has hit meΒ hard you guys and it’s clearly apparent in the fact that I’ve barely put fingers to keyboard…

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  • Calgary

    An Update.

    Well… hi. It’s been quite the while since I’ve opened my WordPress back office. I was met with a tonne of updates that needed approval, a bunch of posts in my drafts file that have long been neglected and a sense of longing to open…

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  • Life

    Where Have You Been??

    Well, well, well.. look what we have here. I’ve been a terrible blogger. Terrible isn’t even the word, actually. I’ve been a downright shocking blogger these past few months. I haven’t hit publish on a blog post since July 11. That’s 3 months ago!! Ahh…

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    Advertising on Blogs

    I’m about to admit to breaking the cardinal rule of supporting blogs and YouTube channels – I have and use adblocker. It’s not that I don’t want to support my fellow bloggers, because I do. It’s mainly because I can’t stand those incessant pop-ups that…

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