FabFitFun Winter 2016

A few years back I fell down the rabbit hole of subscription boxes – particularly beauty box subscriptions. On paper they’re a beauty lovers dream – 5 deluxe samples for only $10 a month?? Sign me up! In reality, the products I was sent were often left collection dust in my bathroom. I felt like the bags I subscribed to were not cultivated for those of us who knew a thing or two about makeup – they were more focused on the newer, younger, more impressionable ladies out there who were just getting started.

Alas, all of my subscriptions were cancelled after a few months and the products were more than likely binned or passed on to a family member.

Until (*dundundun*) FabFitFun came into my life.

FabFitFun is unlike any other box I’ve tried. Like the name suggests, the box combines a combination of beauty, lifestyle and fitness related products into a seasonal box shipped 4x per year. The box retails at $50 so, while it does seem quite steep compared to monthly boxes, the fact that you’re only charged seasonally makes up for it! Best part is that Select members (those of us who purchase a year subscription up front) are given the opportunity to select some of our products before our boxes are put together! Meaning you have less of a chance of re-gifting your contents after your unboxing.

I’ve been subscribed to FabFitFun for over a year now and, to be honest, I’m unsure why I’ve never brought the boxes to my blog or Youtube channel (bar the one unboxing I did of Autumn 2016 on YouTube). Well, the Winter box hit my doorstep on Friday and I decided to snap a few pictures and share my thoughts (I also unboxed it in my latest Vlogmas video going live later on today!). If you’re a planner girl you might be particularly excited about this one!

First up we have the FabFitFun seasonal magazine that comes with each box. The magazine features an editor’s note, a brief description (and total value) of the products inside your box and some seasonal articles (this issue features 100 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep, some seasonal drink recipes, tips on how to best photograph your box and some more seasonal articles related to this box’s products! A short, but interesting read over a cuppa!

Next up is the Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara (RRP $20). Is it just me or do you love getting mascara in subscription boxes too? I’m not too picky about my mascara, but the Iconoclast claims to increase lash volume by 300%. Sounds good to me.

Next up is a Star pin in collaboration with the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Their mission is to brighten the lives of seriously ill children in the US so they don’t miss out on what it’s like to actually be a kid. We’re encouraged to snap a photo on Instagram wearing our pins and sharing our holiday wish.

The Anderson Lilley Beach Butter Body Cream (RRP $24) was actually frozen solid when I opened my box. Yet another side effect of those harsh, Canadian winters I so willingly plopped myself into. Luckily, this body cream combats the other side effect – dry skin. I’m talking drier than dry. My skin is drier than the Sahara desert up in here. With that said, moisturiser is one thing I rarely ever buy for myself. So this is going to to good use!

Next up is O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face (RRP $44). I won’t lie to you – any skin care product boasting the word “peel” get’s a sideways glance from me. Peels scare me and are definitely something I’d prefer to leave to my dermatologist. But, upon closer inspection, this product seems to be a natural exfoliant. That’s something I can get behind.

One of my favourite products in this box is the D.L. & Co Candle in Bergamot Woods (RRP $45). First thing – the jar. The intricate design is gorgeous and will make the perfect makeup brush holder when the candle burns out (#shitbloggerssay). I’m awful at describing scents, but I will say that I was instantly reminded of Tom Ford Black Orchid when I sniffed it.

I’m gonna be honest with you – I suck at sending cards. Birthday cards, thank you cards, heck, even Christmas cards. I know, I know, running a sticker shop means I should be all organised and love everything paper, but I suck. That’s all there is too it. So, while these Marie Mae Company Thank You Cards (RRP $24) are gorgeous (and totally Instagrammable with that gold foil) – they’ll probably be passed on to a more thoughtful friend.

I plan on rocking this Gorjana Necklace (RRP $75) during my next date night with G (can you guys believe I have a husband now?! How crazy is that!). It’s unlike any piece of jewelry I’ve owned before, but totally up my alley. It’s simple, but catches the eye. Love it.

Last, but certainly not least, is what you planner girls have been waiting for. A Moleskin 2017 Weekly Planner (RRP $20.95). I’m pretty sure we’ve all had (or at least lusted after) a Moleskin notebook once upon a time. This planner is perfect for on the go planning and note taking (it’s even small enough to fit in your bag!). I’ll definitely be using this bad boy next year!

So, that’s it for the FabFitFun Winter 2016 box (which had a total value of $252.95). Personally, Autumn’s box still reigns as winning box of the year (they knew what they were doing with that scarf, let me tell you!), but Winter is a closer runner-up!

If you’re interested in trying out FabFitFun for yourself, this link will give you $10 off your first box!

What’s your favourite subscription box service?

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  • Laura Torninoja

    This looks like a great box (and I love your pictures!). I’ve never tried any of these subscription boxes before, but would really love to. The selection is just so overwhelmingly big I end up not getting any of them – typical! Maybe next year is my year 🙂 x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • I’ve always been cautious of subscription boxes for just the reason you cancelled them, I’d end up with a load of stuff I didn’t actually use. This one sounds great though

    – Natalie