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As part of my birthday present a few weeks ago, Gary agreed to help me “re-vamp” our bedroom.

To put it into context, our bedroom before this project was the opposite of comforting. It consisted of a bed (with a thin duvet, simple cover and mismatched pillow cases), 2 bedside tables and a tv on the wall.

Gary and I’s decorating style could not be more different. Gary loves the minimal look – black, white and no clutter. Me, on the other hand? I love clutter. Well, I love clutter that’s strategically placed and serves a purpose (even if that purpose is to make the room more appealing to the eye). So, the fact that he had agreed to spend money on adding some flair to our bedroom was a big deal.

For me, a bedroom should feel like a haven. It should be so relaxing and comfortable that you don’t want to get up in the morning. Our bedroom before was NOT that (to say the least). To help me achieve this overall feeling I knew that I wanted to add mood lighting, greenery and some mood lighting (read: candles and fairy lights).


I knew that I wanted to incorporate some of Gary’s style in there too, so we kept it quite minimal with touches of the outdoors (Gary’s the ultimate outdoorsman) and feminine touches (candles, fairy lights and our sheer curtains) thrown in there too. Our duvet cover, we found in Home Outfitters on sale and it’s absolutely perfect for us! We also found the perfect grey, faux fur rug in Home Sense that helped round out our theme and bring everything together.

For a personal touch, we got two of our favourite engagement photos blown up in black and white for the walls (In case you missed it, I posted about our engagement photos last week!). Luckily, our walls are quite neutral so the white frames fit perfectly above our bed.


My absolute favourite piece in our bedroom is this elephant that I placed underneath the TV. I had been staring at this little guy for months wanting to put him in our sitting room (which has quite an industrial meets India vibe to it), but didn’t want to splurge until it came to our bedroom. He fits in perfectly and is the perfect “clutter with a purpose” for the space. The silver frame is from Home Sense and the candle holder is from Bath and Body Works. I had picked it up last year, but thought it fit perfectly with Mr. Elephant! The Buddha in the photo above is also from Home Sense and is actually full of potpourri! I’m still working on some pieces to fill our shelves (this is a Kallax from Ikea, by the way), but I don’t want to rush it!


My favourite addition to our bedroom has to be our curtains and fairy lights. Gary has them on a timer to come on in the morning for us to wake up to and in the evening for us to fall asleep to. The lights and candle make for the perfect writing, reading and relaxing space.



I think we absolutely hit the nail on the head with our bedroom. Ever since the revamp I’ve been struggling to get out of bed because it’s just way too comfortable (before you would almost always find me down in the kitchen making a cup of coffee at 7am). It’s a shame we’re renting so will have to re-think things in a few months, but I guess that’s part of the fun! Next up – finishing our living room!


What are your must-haves for a relaxing bedroom? If you have a post like this, I’d love to see it!

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