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The Fitness Files – November

When I first started my blog, I gave you weekly updates on my health and fitness journey. I shared stats, my struggles, what I was most proud of – you get the gist. Lately, that’s fallen by the wayside and you can probably imagine it’s because my real-life fitness journey has been anything but stellar this year. The Beachbody chronicles… Back in April, I shared a little bit of an update with you. I joined Beachbody as a coach in…

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Bedroom Details

As part of my birthday present a few weeks ago, Gary agreed to help me “re-vamp” our bedroom. To put it into context, our bedroom before this project was the opposite of comforting. It consisted of a bed (with a thin duvet, simple cover and mismatched pillow cases), 2 bedside tables and a tv on the wall. Gary and I’s decorating style could not be more different. Gary loves the minimal look – black, white and no clutter. Me, on the…

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26 Things I’ve Learned in 26 Years

Confession: I meant to write this post to go live on October 12, but I never got around to it. Basically, I love these types of posts. Every year of my life has been different than the last. I’ve experienced different things, learned different lessons and grown as a person (as one should). So, I thought I would share the 26 things I’ve learned in the past 26 years of my life. If you’d prefer to listen to me ramble on…

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Our Engagement Photos and We Eloped?!

At the beginning of September, Gary and I headed up to Lake Minnewanka with my friend Erika to take our engagement photos. I met Erika when I worked in Red Lobster and knew I wanted her to take our photos at some stage – our engagement was the perfect time! The day we decided to go up was pretty gloomy – not a break in the clouds in sight, but we made it work! Erika was such an amazing photographer to…

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