26 Things I’ve Learned in 26 Years

face1Confession: I meant to write this post to go live on October 12, but I never got around to it. Basically, I love these types of posts.Β Every year of my life has been different than the last. I’ve experienced different things, learned different lessons and grown as a person (as one should). So, I thought I would share the 26 things I’ve learned in the past 26 years of my life. If you’d prefer to listen to me ramble on about these 26 points – be sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to watch the corresponding video!

Nobody has it all figured out – they’re just pretending.

Ever heard of fake it till you make it? Well, I’ve learned that this is, in fact, a very real thing amongst… well… almost everyone. Those photos you see on Instagram or everyone’s perfectly clean houses, perfectly done makeup and perfectly proper hair? Well, more than likely that photo took a tonne of time and effort. Don’t be fooled – everyone is just trying to figure it out just like you!

Adulting it overrated

Bills, laundry, bills, cleaning, bills. Enough said.

Balance is key

This goes for all aspects of life – diet, relationships, work, etc. Staying balanced is the number 1 way to ensure you live a happy life. Don’t deprive yourself of that pizza every so often, don’t spend so much time with your S.O that you forget about your friends and don’t over-work yourself so you drive yourself into the ground. Stay balanced, take time for yourself and just enjoy life.

It’s OK if you’re different

The past few years I’ve noticed a shift in society – at least from what I’ve seen online. Being different isn’t weird anymore. In fact, being different is totally awesome!! Imagine if we were all carbon copies of each other – that would be the most boring world ever. Dare to be different, embrace your individuality and rock it!

Overplucking your eyebrows is NEVER a good idea

Learned this one the hard way, didn’t I?!

Looks can be deceiving

This goes along with my first point above – basically, don’t judge a book by its’ cover.

Being confident takes time

A health and fitness update is definitely needed here soon, but I feel like lately I’ve turned a corner. That being said, body confidence is not something that you just “get” and keep for the rest of your life. It takes time to feel confident in your body and your mood can vary day to day (heck, mine varies by the hour!!!). Don’t give up on loving yourself and remember – everyone has bad days.

Not all friends are meant to be in your life forever

I have a post coming up on this so I’ll save that for a later date. If you want to hear a bit more about that in audio form though, the topic of this weeks’ Confessions of a Girlboss podcast is “Friendship Breakups”.


Don’t waste time doing something you don’t love

Your time is valuable and precious, why spend it doing something that doesn’t make you 100% happy??

You don’t have to know what you want to do with your life straight off the bat!

It’s kind of drilled into our head that we have to know what career we want to pursue straight out of high school. That’s SO untrue! It took me years to figure out that I wanted to go down a creative path and, even now, I’m unsure how long this path truly is. Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing. Dip your toes into multiple pools and find your passion.

Take every opportunity that comes your way

Don’t let fear or doubt stop you from saying yes. You never know where an opportunity might lead.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

Tell that special someone how you really feel – I bet it will lead to something amazing (case in point: if I was never vulnerable I probably wouldn’t be married to an amazing man and my best friend)

Playing hard to get is stupid

Normally it’s the guys who will screw you over who like the chase – don’t bother. Games get you nowhere.

Stand up for yourself and what you believe in

Let’s face it – we’re all human. We all have opinions and they’re not always going to align with everyone elses’. Don’t bite your tongue because you’re afraid of confrontation. Stay true to yourself and what you believe in.

People change – it’s normal.

Sometimes the people who you related to last year are the people who are like strangers the next. People change, it’s part of life. Don’t beat yourself up for growing.

Say “I love you” more

You never know when you won’t get to say it again


A good work ethic is extremely valuable

Nobody should care more about your life and future than you. Don’t wait for things to come your way – work your butt off and make them happen.

Take care of your body NOW

Your body is the only true home you have for your life. Start taking care of it sooner rather than later.

Take time out to disconnect

This one is something that IΒ know is important but I rarely do. Turning technology off and spending time with your loved ones (even just spending time with yourself) is so important and can do wonders for the soul.

One persons’ dream job doesn’t have to be yours

Don’t stay in a job you hate just because it looks amazing on paper. Stay true to yourself.

Don’t be afraid to take chances

You never know what one choice might lead to

The only opinion that matters is your own

Stop caring about what other people (especially strangers) think of you. Live your life for you, not for anyone else.

Never take your parents for granted

Once they’re not around you’ll miss them

Family is everything

It’s true, they are. The catch though? You can make your own if you need to!

Never underestimate the power of a good chat with your bestie

Over a cup of tea, coffee or wine – it doesn’t matter.


I’d love to know – what’s your most significant lesson you’ve learned so far in life?


Outfit Details:

Jeans: American Eagle

Jumper: Forever 21

Boots: Primark (2 years old!)

Watch: Michael Kors

Scarf: Modcloth (via Fab Fit Fun)

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  • Laura Torninoja

    Yes to taking care of your body! I’m definitely not the greatest at this but learning every day as I go along. I’m gonna be in this body for the rest of my life so I should definitely pay better attention to it – after all, if I don’t, it’ll just backfire on me later on in life!

    Hope your 26th year has started out well! πŸ™‚ x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure